I’ve seen Dr. Schepart a few times now at New Leaf Chiropractic Wellness Center. I’m pleased to have found someone that I trust who is so close to my home! I love his approach when it comes to treating a patient and their spine health. He mixes in chiropractic care, mobility, strength, and stability into his protocol. This feels like the best way to tackle spinal abnormalities, at least for my situation. He is also patient and easy to build trust with, which in my experience means a lot when it comes to adjustments.”
Nicole S

I recently had the pleasure of visiting New Leaf Chiropractic with Dr. Sam Schepart, and I must say it was an exceptional experience from start to finish. Dr. Schepart’s expertise and caring nature truly set him apart as an outstanding chiropractor. I’ve been to other clinics and immediately noticed the difference in quality care.”
Jessica M

Doctor Sam is exceptional! It’s very clear that he makes an intentional effort to connect with his patients and their families and did a wonderful job making us feel seen and valued. Doc made sure my 14 year old daughter knew that she was in control of her care plan and treated her injury in a way that she was comfortable with while still getting spectacular results. So much so that she was back to 100% sooner than any of us anticipated. If you are looking for top notch, compassionate, effective care, Doctor Sam is your guy.”
Valerie D

Extremely satisfied with what Dr. Schepart did today! I have been super stiff and in pain for so long and I feel like a new person now! I’m also 28 weeks pregnant and he was so gentle and absolutely amazing! Definitely recommend him if you’re looking for a great Chiropractor! I will definitely be returning! ”
Amber T