Dr. Harrison Higgins DC

Dr. Higgins grew up in Centerpoint, IN and graduated from Clay City High School. His interest in chiropractic began in high school while suffering an injury as a high jump athlete in track and field. With the repetitive back bend type movements that high jump required, came great stress and tension on the structures of the spine.  Chiropractic allowed Dr. Higgins to gain full recovery, allowing him to return to sports much quicker. His passion for chiropractic has grown ever since. Dr. Higgins received his Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology from Indiana University, after which he attended Logan University to obtain his Doctorate of Chiropractic and his Masters of Nutrition and Human Performance.

Dr. Higgins continues to remain active in the community and aims to spread the chiropractic message. Dr. Higgins’ activities include various forms of exercise such as crossfit, yoga, weightlifting and running. Dr. Higgins’ passion is providing quality chiropractic care to all, from infant to elderly patients. On top of that making sure any and all local athletes, no matter their sport or level of experience, can train harder, recover faster and always perform at their best.